Are you a Veteran that deployed overseas? We need people like you to join us in our mission of Veterans Helping Veterans.

On a large scale, the Veterans of Foreign Wars campaigns for ALL Veterans. The VFW is not a government entity, nor is it political. However, the VFW wields a very powerful presence nationally to get benefits for deserving Veterans. Examples include Blue Water Navy (expanding the net of those affected by Agent Orange in Vietnam), Burn Pit Registry (creating a registry for those that were exposed to toxins in the Persian Gulf and other areas), to benefits that have become mainstream for Veterans – like the GI Bill.

On the local level, your VFW – Post 1197 Batavia, serves as a network for Veterans that may not have other outlets to communicate with those that can relate to their experiences in uniform. Nationally, 22 Veterans commit suicide a day. We take our camaraderie seriously and look after each other. During the apex of the COVID-19 crisis, we contacted every member of our Post bi-weekly to ensure they were safe. In some cases, our members delivered essentials such as medication and toiletries to those that were high-risk or homebound. We conduct fundraisers, including our Poppy drives at Woodman’s, to assist needy Veterans and their families through temporary financial hardships with help that can change their life. We also host patriotic and other events where we showcase the great work we’re doing to promote American ideals.

We welcome all branches, ranks, and periods of service. As general guide, if you were honorably discharged, are a U.S. citizen, and have a medal, ribbon, or badge shown below, you are eligible.

If you are interested in joining the VFW, please contact our Membership Officer, Mike Breyne, at 630.885.1644 or
Commander Swanson
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The VFW appreciates your service, and so do patriotic businesses across the country. That's why we've teamed up to offer you -as a VFW member- and your family discounted pricing on valuable merchandise and services. It's just one more way we're able to say, "thank you" for all you've done to protect our freedom!

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